At Solid Rock Construction, we’re committed to building a brighter future. Partnering with Venture, we’re helping to prevent women and children from being trafficked by providing access to safe-housing and ongoing restorative care. When you choose to use our services a portion of the sale will help fund the construction of a safe home in Nepal. Thank you for building something beautiful with us! In the far west of Nepal, lies the village of Kailali. In this community, many residents do not have permanent homes, but live in shacks and lean-tos that often do not survive the summer monsoons. Three years ago, most of the women engaged in prostitution at the local brothel to feed their families. Even before the pandemic forced the evacuation of Venture-supported group homes via “stay-in-the-village” orders, our partners working to prevent trafficking began asking a critical question: Could human trafficking be prevented through localized community care? In collaboration with the local government, the possibility was already being tested—starting with Kailali. The Kailali Project is an effort to build 150 new homes that provide safety and stability to family units while transforming communities. Each home houses about 8 people, consisting of one or more caregivers and 6-7 children. Caregivers receive a home only upon their commitment to keeping the children safe from being trafficked, and ensuring that the children go to school. Children in the homes are supervised and monitored by social workers and pastors who live and work in the village. If physically able, the adults themselves also participate in the building project. Though the project is far from complete, the transformation is tangible. The brothel has ceased to operate in the town, and the number of child marriages has decreased. Social workers report less polygamy, less family conflict and domestic violence. This is what we’re privileged to be a part of at Solid Rock. Thank you for building safer, sustainable communities with us!