We work hard so that you can have peace of mind knowing that the entire project, scheduling, ordering, planning, demolition, deliveries, installation and finishes are in the hands of capable professionals who care about you and your property.

At Solid Rock Construction, we divide the construction process into (4) phases and use a top-of-the-line web-based project management system called BuilderTrend. This allows customers full access to view their project timeline, budget, change orders, material selections, progress photos, documents and to communicate with team members.

Phase 1

Internal processing & preparation

1: Processing & Preparation

Upon approval of your initial proposal and contractual signatures, we will coordinate a pre-construction project meeting with our management team. At the pre-construction meeting, the scope will be reviewed with you, final measurements will be taken, and we will review specific material selections and design specifications you may have, any mechanical needs or concerns, identify any state or city requirements, and discuss the next steps of the construction timeline. Then, we work with you to finalize design selections, order materials, refine any layouts or drawing changes, and apply for necessary permits. Once all materials and selections have arrived and permits are approved, we proceed to Phase 2.

Phase 2

On-site work begins

2: On-Site Work

Depending on the size and scope of the project, the length of this phase varies and may include any of the following: excavation, concrete, framing, electrical and mechanical rough ins, cabinet installations, roofing, siding, door and window replacement, initial inspections, etc. During this phase our office staff, managers and field on-site managers will continue to work with you on updates and answer any questions you may have.

Phase 3

Finishes, mechanicals, & inspections

3: Finishes, Mechanicals, & Inspections

Phase 3 consists of the things that really start to make the project come together, such as drywall, painting, flooring, countertops and tile, final HVAC, lighting, plumbing fixtures, landscaping, carpentry finishes, final mechanical inspections, etc.  Our project team will continue to work closely with you both on and offsite during this time as you continue to utilize the BuilderTrend application.

Phase 4

Final touches & walkthrough

4: Final Touches & Walkthrough

When your project is approximately 90% complete, the final phase begins. This stage consists of a project review and walk through to develop a punch list of any finishing touches that are still needed to complete your project.  During this time, we will work with the city to schedule final inspections and close out permits, while our office staff finalizes any remaining billing and change orders with you. Once everything is wrapped up, you will have a final walk through with one of our management team members to verify project satisfaction.